What You Can Do...Now

There are steps you can take now to help fight the erosion battle:

1.  Inspect your property now, even in the midst of winter.  The lake hasn't frozen; there is no ice along the shoreline.  Evalute if you need immediate repairs or a new seawall, revetment, sandbags.

2.  If you do need work done, ask neighbors or township building departments for references of licensed contractors.  Get on their schedules.

3.  If you will be away for a long period, arrange to have a friend or neighbor stop by, especially after a storm.

4.  Contact your legislators and ask them to support efforts to expedite DEGLE permits for cottages that other states have enacted, and to oppose any adoption of new FEMA flood insurance maps that will likely increase the cost of your flood insurance 6-fold while still prohibiting you from receiving any claim payments because the damage caused on the Great Lakes for the most part is erosion, and not flooding.

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