Upper Lakes Plan of Study for the Review

Mr. Dennis Schornack, Chairman
International Joint Commission
1250 23rd Street, NW, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20440

Re: Upper Lakes Plan of Study for the Review of the Regulation of Overflow from Lake Superior (October 2005)

Dear Mr. Schornack:

As you know, the International Great Lakes Coalition for Shoreline Preservation (IGLC) is an alliance of several thousand shoreline property owners who share the common goal of preserving and protecting our beaches as water levels fluctuate.

We have read the October 2005 Study Plan and wish to compliment the writers on the proposed “guiding principals” on page 32 that call for “broad stakeholder and public input” and remediation measures that “will not result in disproportionate losses to any particular interest group.” Indeed, Mr. Doug Cuthbert suggests in Annex 6 that the IJC should “identify and engage the organized interest groups who are affected by and concerned about water level fluctuation,” and “engage them as observers in the technical groups.”

In respect, we wish to recommend several IGLC members for inclusion on the study committees, when they are organized. They are:

Roger J. Smithe, IGLC Chairman
William Somerville, President of the Michigan/Lake Michigan Chapter of the IGLC
John Boyd, IGLC Technical Director

I am enclosing the resumes for both Roger Smithe and John Boyd. As you are already well acquainted with Mr. Somerville, I am sure you are aware of his qualifications.

Mr. Smithe is an environmental engineer with 30 years of experience in the pulp and paper industry and in outside consulting activities. He is a former United States Co-Chairman of the Environmental Sub-Committee of the United States Chamber of Commerce Committee on Canada-US Relations (1991). He has been active in technical organizations and has served on the Manistee, MI planning commission and the solid waste council. He graduated from the University of Michigan with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering and an MS degree in Industrial Engineering. He is a registered professional engineer. As a shoreline property owner, IGLC Chairman, and engineer, he is well acquainted with the causes and effects of lake level fluctuations. We suggest him for the Public Interest Advisory Group of the Plan formulation and Evaluation Group.

Mr. Boyd is a shoreline resident and Technical Director of the IGLC. He is well acquainted with the hydrology of the Great Lakes and the control plans for the regulation of Lake Superior outflow. He has created a complete hydrologic model of the Great Lakes system from Long Lac/Ogoki to the Atlantic Ocean which can be used to evaluate regulations plans, regime changes, and water supply changes. He has suggested changes to existing regulation plans that would improve hydropower production and reduce property damage during high water supply conditions. He has researched the causes of shoreline erosion and possible remedies – including Lake Michigan dune history and the impact of shore perpendicular structures. He has studied the Coastal Engineering Manual littoral sediment transport theory and modeled erosion expectations base on Wave Information study data for Michigan’s west coast. He is knowledgeable about the Levels reference Study and Annexes of 1992. Mr. Boyd has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering and 40 years of experience with the General Electric Company and with Fisher & Paykel in New Zealand. He holds 26 patents. We suggest Mr. Boyd for the Technical study Group for Lake Superior Regulation, or for the Independent Technical Review Group.

Should you wish further information regarding these three recommendations, please le us know.

Roger J. Smithe, Chairman
Executive Board of the IGLC