New IJC Commissioners

The International Joint Commission is a joint agency of both the U.S. and Canada created to manage the lake and river systems along the border.  The IJC is guided by the Boundary Waters Treaty signed by both countries in 1909.  The two main responsibilities of the IJC are approving projects that affect water levels and flows across the boundary, and investigating transboundary issues and recommending solutions.  Canada and the U.S. each appoint three of six commissioners.  One commissioner from each country serve concurrently as Chairs.  New commissioners were recently appointed by the U.S. President, after confirmation by the Senate, and by the Cabinet in Canada.  They are:  Jane Corwin, U.S. Commissioner/Chair; Henry Lickers, Canadian Commissioner; Merrell-Ann Phare, Canadian Commissioner; Robert Sisson, U.S. Commissioner; Lance Yohe, U.S. Commissioner; and Pierre Beland, Canadian Commissioner/Chair.  The IJC publishes a series of newsletters and you can subscribe by visiting their website at  It is important too to keep the IJC appraised of our current conditions on Lake Michigan.  Coalition members should feel free to document your shoreline conditions and send a letter to the IJC at the following addresses:

International Joint Commission, U.S. Section, 1717 H Street, NW, Suite 801, Washington, D.C.  20006

or IJC Great Lakes Regional Office, P.O.Box 32869, Detroit, MI  48232                             

To expedite your communication, there is a message form on their website at