New Coalition Directors on Board

The Great Lakes Coalition welcomes two new members to our Board of Directors:

James F. Hettinger, South Haven. Jim received his BA and MA degrees at Western Michigan University and received his doctorate in Public Administration from the University of Missouri.  He received an honorary doctorate in Public Service from WMU.  Jim previously was marketing director and went on to become president of Battle Creek Unlimited.  He also served as Chair of the Western Michigan University Board of Trustees for 8 years.  Jim has a keen interest in Great Lakes history, enjoys photography, reading, walking the beach, and is an ardent hockey fan. 

Ron Wilson, Manistee.  Ron received his MS degree in Natural Resource Policy from the University of Michigan.  He has spent 20 years as a lobbyist for the City of Lansing and worked with Lana Pollack (IJC) to enact the Sand Dunes Preservation Act.