2019 High Water Levels Questionnaire


The International Joint Commission's Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Adaptive Management (GLAM) Committee has developed an on-line questionnaire that allows impacted shoreline property owners to report directly on their experiences in 2019.

Wet conditions throughout the upper Great Lakes basin in 2019 resulted in record and near record-high water levels on Lake Superior and Lakes Michigan-Huron.  These high water levels have impacted many of you that live and work along the upper Great Lakes shoreline.  The International Lake Superior Board of Control is interested in gathering more information on how high water level conditions have impacted individuals and communities along the upper Great Lakes shoreline.  This questionnaire includes opportunities to describe the types and extent of high water impacts, as well as upload photos to illustrate those impacts.  Further information, including a link to the questionnaire itself, is available on the GLAM Committee website:


Responses will be summarized by the GLAM Committee as part of its reporting to the Board and the IJC.  The results will also be used to better predict potential impacts under a range of possible future water level conditions.  

The Coalition urges you to fill out the questionnaire and submit your report.  It's your chance to be heard!